The refreshing heart note of our Weekends in The Hamptons fragrance. Its name is derived from the Latin 'Cyclaminos' and the Greek 'Kuklaminos' meaning circle, which refers to the shape of the Cyclamen plant's tubers. Cyclamen blooms in a variety of colours, mostly during the winter and spring months.

Cyclamen is a very hardy plant species and there are more than twenty species of Cyclamen that can be found in and around mainly the Mediterranean area.

It is a member of the Primrose family and was a firm favourite of the artist Leonardo Da Vinci, who at the beginning of the sixteenth century would decorate his manuscripts with them. Cyclamen has long been associated as a flower of love, with its heart-shaped leaves. 

Its scent today is used in many fine perfumes. Wild Cyclamen gives the best fragrance, known for its delicately light and fresh fragrant properties. It brings a delicate sweet heart note to our Weekends in The Hamptons fragrance. 

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