Introducing one of the base notes of our Weekends in The Hamptons fragrance, Patchouli is a member of the mint family and its fragrant leaves have for centuries been turned into essential oil and used in perfumery. Originally it could mainly be found in India, but now it is cultivated in South America, Asia and West Africa. 

The quality of Patchouli oil and therefore the scent can vary vastly, depending on how it is cultivated and where it is grown. Usually only a few of the most mature leaves make the best fragrance and like a fine wine, if the oil is left to mature, the fragrance can become even more intense. 

It is said that Napoleon introduced Patchouli to Europe, by returning from the Silk Road with Patchouli scented shawls. Patchouli was thought to deter moths and insects and therefore was used by many merchants who were selling silks, luxury goods and textiles. The fragrance of Patchouli created an association with quality and authenticity of the items, if the Patchouli scent was not there the authenticity was questioned. 

Patchouli is a complex note, with lighter fruitier layers combined with a deeper woody layer and a hint of its mint family connections. The longer it is aged the richer and darker its fragrance bouquet becomes. We adore the hint of richness it adds to our light and refreshing Weekends in The Hamptons fragrance.

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