Dear Diary,

I am back in Paris, after what is most definitely too long. The autumn breeze is bringing a welcome chill after a sweltering summer and the trees are starting to change colour, but are no less beautiful.

As I wander the streets of Le Marais, I am relaxed; the pressure of the London office is lifted from my mind. Paris is always full of inspiration - it's everywhere. When I'm here my creativity flows, like the fountains in Place des Vosges. There is so much going on here and after the lull from the Grand Départ, Paris is back to its usual, bustling self. 

I've returned to my favourite bench in Place des Vosges. The sun is setting earlier and has cast a golden light on the Mansard roofs. The fountains are glistening in the autumnal sunlight and their reflections dance on the ground. Despite the weather, Parisians are still picnicking on the grass. Lovers are taking in the magic of Paris as they stroll and children are playing. The tree-lined paths are covered in a ruby-red carpet of fallen leaves & an autumnal spice is in the air. 

Tonight, I meet with an old acquaintance, but for now, it's time for me to walk some more... 

ES x

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