Dear Diary,

Today I found a magical café in Le Marais, called ‘A Mouse within a Teapot’. Every piece of furniture and every poster on the walls told a story. Embracing, cosy arm chairs invited you to sit for hours, a book reader’s paradise. It was the perfect place to stop and enjoy a slice of the divine Tart au Chocolat and contemplate last night’s meeting some more...

I was apprehensive to say the least. It’s been six years since we saw each other last and left on bad terms after the business deal turned sour. We got on well in the beginning, really well, but now... well... I’m not sure. It’s strange, how people come in and out of your life and then you overthink them coming back in and wonder if it’s some kind of sign?!

The last leaves of Autumn at Place des Vosges are falling now, as winter arrives in Paris. There is a cold, but no less beautiful light that dapples between the bare branches. I return to London tomorrow for the beginning of the Christmas season & I can only imagine what kind of madness awaits me at the London office! 

Wish me luck...

ES x


Let us take you there to Autumn in Paris

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