Dear Diary,

Arriving at The Members Club I was taken aback by its fanciful façade dominating the streetscape. With detailed stone-carved Corinthian columns stating proudly its imposing status on the square. The façade was festively softened by the abundance of warm-white twinkling lights and fir tree garlands adorned with sparkling gold and red baubles.

As I wrestled with what can only be described as the heaviest hardwood door in the world, I was greeted by a doorman, dressed like someone from the Victorian era. I informed him that I was here for the office Christmas party - something truth be told I had been dreading for weeks. There's always so much effort that is needed to go into finding a sparkly outfit that is suitable for such an occasion!

Entering in to the Library, where drinks were being served pre-dinner I recognised some colleagues standing by the elaborate wood burning fireplace. Strong fragrances of patinated leather arm chairs and books that had been well read mingled with the intricately carved wooden oak panels that had absorbed the scent of rich tobacco from a bygone era. As I walked closer towards the fireplace, there was whirl of vintage cognac, my eyes were drawn to the silhouette of a man holding a lavishly carved cognac glass. I was intrigued, who was this man that was sitting so solemnly by the fire and drinking alone ? ...


Let us take you there to The Members Club

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