Dear Diary,
Another delightful Christmas in the Cotswolds is complete and now it’s back to reality with a bump, well, I say delightful but there was the un-mistakeable awkwardness when your parents insist on still inviting your ex’s family to our annual Christmas Eve drinks party. Anyway, moving swiftly on… I am in New York on business and have been eagerly awaiting the weekend so that I can escape to The Hamptons. The Hamptons is my haven when I come here, it is also the playground of New York’s rich and famous. Only a couple of hours drive from the city, or who am I kidding more like four hours with the hellish traffic one must endure as everyone has the same idea to escape the buzz of the city for the weekend. But still, it’s a haven that I love to escape to…
Work is hectic, the emails came flooding in thick and fast after the Christmas break and I am still trying to catch up with them, so I use the chauffeured drive to The Hamptons as an opportunity to try and put the awaiting email responses to bed. There was a biting chill that I left behind in New York, I wonder if when I return, I will be met by a carpet of white glistening snow. The Hamptons for me is a home from home, with its reputation as the Cotswolds of the East Coast, its country charm harmonised by the abundance of city sophistication. This trip, I am staying in East Hampton – I have booked what looks from the photos like a serene white wooden beach house, right on the shore. It won’t be the same experience as being here in summer, where pale pink rosé is forever flowing, but it will be a refreshing one, with those rough sea waves blowing away those Christmas cobwebs.
There’s just something about staring out across the ocean, that helps to give a new, fresh perspective on life. I can’t wait to arrive and have some peaceful days by the beach to help clear my mind and of course explore the gems that East Hampton’s main street has to offer! I can picture myself now strolling down the maple tree lined Main street, I am totally besotted already with the quaint store fronts that are very much country chic – idyllic buildings that house the gems of the fashion world – a shopper’s dream! I can tell we are getting closer as we pass one house after another that looks like it could have a front cover feature on a glossy architecture magazine. As I approach the beach house via a long winding driveway, I can see the rental agent waiting to greet me, at what can only be described as a Cathedral sized door, I think I am going to like it here…
ES x


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