Dear Diary,

I have arrived in The Hamptons, as I step out of the car, the rental agent greets me like a long-lost friend and hands me a Cathedral door sized key, the metal is so intricately carved, it is like something out of a museum from hundreds of years ago. It is just so beautiful here, I can hear the lapping of the distant waves and the air is so much cleaner than the city, a welcome refreshing change. After agreeing for the rental agent to meet me here on Sunday evening to hand back the key before I return to the City, I can’t hide the excitement to explore what is within this grand looking beach house. As I turn the key, I am aghast at the scale of everything within. A beautiful double staircase gracefully rises from the entrance hall up to the bedrooms, I have always dreamed of having one of these elegant entrance halls, but immediately my mind is distracted, all I can focus on is the breath-taking view straight ahead of me.
An uninterrupted sparkling expanse of the ocean awaits, the sunset dances on the water, so stunning it almost looks like something you’d see created with special effects for a film, but this is so real and so special.  There is, however, a cold feeling to the house that I just can’t shake – I suppose this may be expected with a rental home. My mind drifts to the owners of this house – who are they and what do they do so that they can afford such an opulent home? I can’t resist any longer, so I make my way to open the double doors and take a stroll in the perfectly manicured garden. There are meticulously shaped hedges that divide the garden, like the hedges you’d expect in the walled garden of an English country home. There is an Olympic sized pool area, as well as the tennis court - I used to enjoy playing tennis when I was younger, perhaps I can get an instructor while I’m here…There is one more entrance in the hedge that I have noticed, more concealed than the rest, so I go on to explore. What I find is the most breath-taking driftwood walkway leading straight down to the undulating shore.
Immediately I remove my sandals and feel the salt-embellished driftwood planks beneath my feet, a sense of calm takes over my body and the aqua-marine scents entice me to walk some more. I feel refreshed, alive, after all the stress I have been under recently. I am at last surrounded by the warm evening sun-drenched sand dunes, peppered with long grass blades that meet the wild crashing beach waves and fresh sea spray intertwines with the refreshing aqua-marine scents. There is something so renewing about being by the ocean, you’re reminded that there is so much out there, so much ahead of you, so much unknown & yet there is so much beauty in it.
I think this is going to be the best year yet…
ES x

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