The Hamptons is the go-to spot for the elite of New York when they want to escape the city. Located about two hours drive from New York (on a very good day) The Hamptons are a collection of townships on Long Island. With the introduction of the railway in the late nineteenth century, these once agricultural and fishing areas became the favoured vacation spots for the wealthy New Yorkers. 

Today, The Hamptons coastal style is imitated all over the world. A crisp, calming, sophisticated style that evokes its coastal surroundings. These are our top tips for replicating The Hamptons style at home...

1 | White & Neutral

The airy coastal feel to any Hamptons interior is created through using a palette of complimentary neutrals. White is a given, but try to layer this with other variants too - a light grey works perfectly and also other light neutrals can help to bring in softer tones too. 

2 | Fragrance 

Bring the outside in with our Weekends in The Hamptons collection, you can bring the wind-swept coast inside your home, a refreshing and crisp scent that takes you to the Hamptons shore. With a top note of Fresh Sea Spray, heart note of Cyclamen Flower & base notes of Patchouli and Warming Amber, this fragrance decorates your interior with the crisp sophistication of The Hamptons.

3 | Foliage

Hints of nature are crucial in creating a Hamptons interior, a beautiful clear vase filled with white hydrangeas and elegant greenery adds another accent of freshness. This is also where you can bring in hints of bright colour - any flowers that are in season are the perfect addition to a Hamptons interior, so don't be afraid to choose a splash of colour !

4 | Natural Textures

White wood is a major feature of Hamptons homes, in the cladding of the exterior through to the interior, the floors are usually natural wood. Furnishings also incorporate natural textures : linen sofas, wicker chairs, sisal carpets and driftwood mirrors are all options to include.

5 | Mouldings & Marble

It's in the details - beautiful white mouldings that can be replicated to suit your interior are another key feature. Architraves, skirting, cornices and some panelling can be beautiful features of a room. White panelling on a light grey wall can be a stunning combination. As luxury homes, marble makes a strong appearance - in both bathrooms and also kitchens - think about adding some marble accessories and accents to the room.

6 | Nautical Hints

Don't be afraid to go for the obvious - a hint of the nautical in a Hamptons home is no bad thing, rustic rope is another of your natural textures that you can include, a coral object would sit well on a bookshelf, vases filled with shells that you have collected over the years can also make a lovely accent feature. A blue and white patterned or striped throw cushion on your neutral sofa can also be a well placed nautical hint. 

These are just a few tips for re-creating that well loved Hamptons interior, we hope you have fun in creating your own Hamptons retreat !

ES x

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