The rich heart note of our festive favourite Christmas in the Cotswolds. Also known as 'The Pearl' - the white waxy flowers are rich in fragrance and produce double blooms on each of its stems. The rich, sweet scent of Tuberose fills the room and is the perfect partner to Golden Frankincense & Myrrh. 

It has long been used in perfumery because of it being such a rich, creamy and intoxicating scent. Resembling the fragrance tones of Jasmine, Neroli and Gardenia, it is a well loved floral fragrance note used in perfumery. It has a rather rare attribute of being a night blooming flower.

Although it features 'Rose' within its name, it is not, it is a white flower that is related more closely to the Lily family than it is to the Rose family. 

It brings a rich floral lightness to our Christmas in the Cotswolds scent and adds a special magical heart note to this otherwise traditional festive fragrance.

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