B R E A K F A S T  I N  P O R T O F I N O

Velvet Fig & Sweet Cassis

Elinor Sophia walks out onto the suspended balcony overlooking the azure blue harbour. Here, the scent of freshly picked sun-drenched velvet Figs harmoniously blends with that of ripe, sweet, opulent Cassis.

As the sea breeze rustles the purple Iris on the table, suddenly, in the distance, she sees a familiar yacht entering the harbour and recalls her days once spent on board.

Top notes: Velvet Fig & Sweet Cassis

Heart note: Orris

Base note: Coconut

Perfect for: A perfect addition to your desk, to transport you to 'Breakfast in Portofino'. Also a perfect addition to your dressing table/bathroom to put on after using the Breakfast in Portofino Hand & Body Wash, to scent & moisturise your skin with a warm Mediterranean scent for the day. 


Size: 300 ml, H 155mm x Dia 63mm

Comes beautifully presented in our signature luxury Hand & Body Lotion gift box. Take yourself or someone else there to Breakfast in Portofino with this special treat. 

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