Each one of our candles is individually hand-wicked, hand-mixed & hand-poured. Created using sustainable plant wax & cotton wicks to ensure a clean burn - better for you & the environment
We work with hundreds of different wicks to ensure the best possible burn for your candle. When the candles have cured each wick is hand-trimmed to a 5mm length
Each candle is then hand-polished & finished with its metal lid

Lastly, it is then placed into its gift box, ready to make its way to you


Every diffuser is hand-poured & hand-mixed, each is individually weighed to ensure the perfect weight of fragrance to diffuse your room with months of blissful scented moments
A vintage hand press is then used to put a stopper at the top of the bottle & each cap is then screwed on to the diffuser bottle by hand

The finishing touch - six rattan reeds are hand-tied with an embroidered cotton ribbon bow, before being placed into its gift box


Hand Creams & Hand Washes

Every hand cream & hand wash are hand-poured into their individual bottles and each is then finished with a hand-tied embroidered cotton bow

It's all in the details... 

ES x