Our passion lies in creating an immersive world of scent for you to enjoy and escape to...

By using the finest sustainable ingredients and traditional artisan hand-made methods at our studio, nestled in the Cotswolds, we aim to transport you to a destination or moment through the wonders of fragrance

We hope you enjoy travelling through our world of fragrance !


About Our Founder

Hello ! I'm Katherine, I founded Elinor Sophia in 2018 after discovering that the candles I used to buy were made with shockingly poor ingredients and that they were not knowingly bringing toxins into my home. So I made it my mission to research the best ingredients and after eighteen months of experimenting I finally perfected the art of candle making through testing hundreds of different wax combinations, fragrances and wicks. I have been immersed in fragrances and candle making ever since

It is my mission and passion to create luxury fragrance products made with the best sustainable ingredients for you, through which they transport you to a destination or moment

I hope you love the fragrance world I have created for you !
We are thrilled to announce that our founder has won the 'Young Entrepreneur Of The Year' WOBA award for Elinor Sophia